A Journey of Culture through Cuisine


Prepare for a culinary experience like none other. Nationally recognized Chef, Bernard Bennett, will lead you on a culinary journey through West Africa, across the Caribbean, and up to the South Carolina Coast.

Chef Bernard’s vision is ‘to showcase our ancestors’ resilience and influence through thoughtful and intentional food that pushes the boundaries beyond what’s expected’ and that vision fully comes to life with a bold and differentiated menu of food and libations at Ọkàn as a part of The Bridge Collective.

Heart and Soul

Meaning ‘heart’ or ‘soul’ in the West African language Yoruba, Okàn is a word that embodies a more layered ideology. The brand symbols you see represent three distinct parts of the Yoruba concept of the soul: breath (emi), shadow (ojiji), and guardian soul (eleda).

Okàn expresses the heart and soul of underrepresented cuisine and invites guests to experience a culinary journey through taste in a lively, welcoming environment that invites open dialogue, communal energy, and a unique sense of home.

A Pairing of Cultures

Ọkàn’s mission is to connect people to one another through a culturally unique dining experience and embrace the opportunity to explore underrepresented cuisine, all-the-while directly impacting and engaging local farmers, empowering employees and compelling guests. Thoughtfully prepared local ingredients represent their evolution from West Africa to the Caribbean, through South America, and arriving in the Lowcountry.

The Okan Story

Okan honors the pathways and history of the African-American heritage. The menu showcases how ingredients originated, changed through the course of forced migration, and now celebrate an elevated pairing of cultures. Through Chef Bernard’s interpretation of the dishes, guests are offered an experience unlike any other.

Food Truck

If you’re in the Bluffton/Savannah area your Afro-Caribbean eats are never far away! See where we are going to be next!

Meet Executive Chef Bernard Bennett

Chef Bernard Bennett is changing the way people think about African American cuisine by highlighting the food of his ancestors and telling the story of the journey of their favorite West African-Caribbean dishes.

Chef Bernard is recognized as a 2023 Semifinalist for Emerging Chef by the James Beard Foundation. As a key piece of inspiration for the concept, Okan reflects his passion for sharing the story of how history and culture have shaped how we eat and where our food really comes from.

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Chef Inspired Menu

With the use of fresh local ingredients, Okàn tells the story of where those ingredients came from through thoughtfully prepared dishes



Monday - Tuesday 

Wednesday - Sunday
5:00 - 10:00 Dinner

Thursday - Friday
11:00 - 3:00 Lunch

Saturday - Sunday
10:00 - 2:00 Brunch

Location and COntact

71 Calhoun St, Suite 100
Bluffton, SC 29910


Okàn will craft a culinary journey through taste in a lively, welcoming environment that invites open dialogue, communal energy, and a unique sense of home.